Our Story

Ecoled Resources (Pty) Limited is a value-centric recruitment, drone-solutions and social development agency. We are a multi-disciplinary service provider focused on adding value within the project resourcing space. We help you achieve your resourcing, social content, and social impact objectives, with an emphasis on creating shared value for all stakeholders and a strong focus on social benefit. Our 23 years of experience in recruitment; 35 years in agricultural development; and 10 years in drone solutions ensures that we are a well-rounded organisation, dedicated in socio-economic impact. We believe in resonating our values from nature, we are led by the ecology, how it works symbiotically and how we can implement these principles in business.


Our Purpose

We view ourselves as the invisible extension of your organization, able to work on any requirements with immediate effect. We bring fast and effective solutions to ever challenging and dynamic environments. Ecoled is the invisible. Project Resourcing extension of your organisation, able to work on any requirements with immediate effect. We bring fast and effective solutions to even challenging and risky environments.

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Natasha Kirchmann
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