Specific Agricultural Expertise

33 years “On the Ground” agricultural development experience – across all agricultural commodities

Traditional agriculture and alternative food production (hydroponics & aquaponics specialists)

Agricultural economic industry and sector analysis  

Policy writing and building of government Agri development frameworks

Social and rural empowerment strategies

Accessing Agri trade finance (global)

Local, national and international stakeholder engagement

Designing integrated and fully intermodal logistics solutions

Primary production programs

Economic sustainability programs

Market security through diversification and stratification of products and services supply chain

Management and integration

Value chain establishment and supply chain scheduling and strategy

Sourcing and introduction of strategic partnerships to agri development projects

Key Phases Of Agricultural Project Development:

Project Scope

Project Feasibility Study

Project Funding, Resource Allocation, And Regulatory Approval Process

Project Implementation And Development

Consolidation And Capacity Building Phase

Product/S Benefaction And Supply Chain Development (Local

And Export Market)

Development (Local And Export)

Vertical Integration – Identification Of Critical Trade Path

Specific Agricultural Expertise:

Additional Facilitated Benefits To Agricultural Projects Include:

Establishing local/regional projects for local and regional benefit


Setting up nodes that collectively export to main trade blocks such as the EU, GCC and the Far East


To offer a greater assortment in produce from a variety of African countries


12-month uninterrupted supply in contract production


Marketing options – Inter-Africa as well as abroad to develop intermodal logistics hubs and to sweat the trade corridors


Create smart JV’s on and off the continent


Move away from mentorship and incubation stages to full strategic company partnerships – permanency in partnerships

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