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Construction management of Malawi Community Schools Project; and Malawi School Support Systems Project. PPI Consultants were contracted to develop an innovative approach to school construction using local communities and small-scale contractors for two projects in Malawi.  The Community Schools Project and its sister programme, the School Support Systems Project.  PPI’s approach used emerging contractors from the beneficiary communities as well as, small contractors.  The approach enabled 100 schools to be built in rural and remote communities.  The approach was adapted for the implementation of the education programme and is still being used today.

Logistics for immunisation cold chain analysis and Central Medical Stores study

Strategic Planning for Malawi Police Service & National Statistics Office

Architectural design, implementation and management of Jabulani CRU Housing Project

Architectural management services for community park and library for Johannesburg Development Agency

Quality management systems implementation, using lean manufacturing and continuous improvement techniques with DMAIC methodology.

ISO 9001 standards and accreditation, and establishment of effective communication channels

Water sighting and borehole drilling services, using combination of electro-magnetic and seismic testing for schools.

Drilling, installation and overhaul of boreholes; and, testing Eureka Port A Rig for suitability in  Malawi.

Software development for multinational IT companies, web design and production, as well as business systems for small businesses.

Alternative building illustrations

Assesing potential projects near Rustenburg

Geotechnical work on a
slimes dam in Sierra Leone


- Shipping Container

Lusaka _ May 2019

Maize project assessment
- May 2019

Tanzania - August 2019

DRC - Development Opportunity
- April 2019

Project completed
in the Philippines

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